Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team ruled the 91st edition of the International Six Days Enduro, raced in Spain, in Navarra, from Tuesday 11th to Sunday 16th, with Oscar Balletti (E2) and Giacomo Redondi (E3) – World Trophy team – and Davide Soreca (E1) – Junior Trophy team.

The team not only gave the chance to its riders to race this amazing competition, but also allowed rental service and motorbike assistance to several private riders in race with the Honda-RedMoto CRF 250R Enduro and CRF 450R Enduro. This Six Days was characterized by an extraordinary success of participants and spectators, with 546 riders representing 32 nations from all the five continents.

The route was about 1.300 kilometres long with 6 special tests per day and a total of 29 time tests, adding the final cross test, raced at Navarra Circuit. Giacomo Redondi ruled the race, winning two race-days and finishing fourth overall and second in the final standing of E3 class. Furthermore Redondi was also the best Italian rider.

Oscar Balletti raced well, always in the first fifteen positions of the overall classification and in the top ten of E2 class. But unfortunately, in the fifth next to last test, he was forced to retire because of a mistake at a time control, while he was in the top five of his class. Good race for Davide Soreca too, constantly among the leaders of E1 class: his fifth final position helped the Italian team to conquer an outstanding third place…..

Source: International Six Days Enduro: Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team on the podium with Giacomo Redondi

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