NASA / Fires Blazing Across the Southern United States
NASA / Fires Blazing Across the Southern United States

NASA / Fires Blazing Across the Southern United States

Fires have been reported across several states in the southern United States and NASA’s Aqua satellite using its MODIS instrument captured this image of the fires and smoke across the expanse.  This image taken on November 12, 2016 show several fires and smoke across the states of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

The Boteler fire was discovered burning on the Tusquitee Ranger District of the National Forests of North Carolina 15 miles east of Murphy, North Carolina on October 25. It is located in a roadless area on the Nantahala National Forest west of Chunky Gal Mountain near Hayesville. Fire officials responded immediately upon discovery, however steep, rugged terrain and extremely dry conditions provided an unsafe environment for firefighters to attack the fire directly at its edge. Although large helicopters dropped water on the fire and slowed its progression, it has continued to grow. It is currently at 8,695 acres.  The cause of the fire is unknown.

The Maple Springs fire (which merged with the Avey fire) is located north of Santeetlah Lake. East of the Maple Springs Fire, the Old Roughy Fire started on November 8th, 2016 and is also being managed by the Blue Team. The fires are active with wind and terrain driven uphill runs and is burning in harwood litter and brush. The Maple Springs fire is 7,177 acres in size.  This fire was human caused.

The Tellico Fire started on November 3 and was human caused.  The fire is currently 13,676 acres in size.  This fire and several others are collectively referred to as the Nantahala Branch Fires and included in the Boteler Fire’s daily update.


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