Russian state TV was unimpressed with Donald Trump in its coverage of the G20 in Hamburg last week.

The world leaders who assembled there and the U.S. President were all outshone by the real star of the summit: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dmitry Kiselyov, the notorious presenter of Russia’s most watched news program Vesti Nedeli on Channel One, began by setting a high bar for Trump and Putin’s first face-to-face meeting in Hamburg.

“People around the planet had been waiting for this moment and hoping for success,” Kiselyov said.

But before delving into G20 intrigue, Kiselyov first took his audience on a detour to Italy. A local farmer there had drawn a portrait of the Russian president into a field with his tractor. The rendering was so large it could be seen from space.

“Not a single preliminary sketch. 130 by 100 meters large,” Kiselyov told viewers, sounding impressed. “The similarities are astounding. The portrait even reflects the president’s light-blue eyes.” …


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